Web Design

Still Pond Solutions offers complete website solutions for every type of business. We take the time to learn about each client and how to best represent their brand on the web.  Our designs are custom made, and we completely avoid cookie-cutter templates and processes used in Wix, Squarespace, and other pre-fab builders.

Why Build a Website?

Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

In today’s fast-paced society, your business must have a presence on the web. If your brand is not able to be found online, the chances of important information falling into the hands of customers are likely to diminish. Customers want to be able to find your brand online easily, conveniently, and in an appealing manner.


Why not use wix or squarespace?

There is nothing worse for a brand than to look like someone else.  The biggest reason to not use a pre-fab builder is the lack of customizability.  Brands are restricted to a fixed amount of templates with limited options to make them their own.  Web languages have become so advanced over recent years that nearly anything is possible, so why limit your potential?

Secondly, pre-fab builders force users to use servers that are often overcrowded, slow, and have zero ability for the website owner to access its backend.  This is like putting all your money into a bank, and not being able to take it out if you decide another bank is a better fit.  With a custom website, brands can choose their servers, customize server settings to meet their needs, and even migrate their entire site if they are unhappy with the service (an ability that is impossible using Wix or Squarespace).


Our Promise

At Still Pond Solutions we are not happy until our websites reach the highest standards in the industry. We guarantee to build each website to a standard that is unsurpassed and to ensure that all websites will be created with your brand in mind.

Our objective is to provide everyday people with the tools they need to succeed online. We believe that a personalized approach, where we listen and understand our customers’ needs and concerns, will help your business thrive.


All websites will be created to the highest industry standards and a guarantee that all best practices will be used.


We will view all customers as partners. Your success is our success. We will do everything we can to help you reach your online objectives.


We're not looking to break the bank. We promise to always provide fair and competitive industry rates.

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